[CQ-Contest] R: 3V8SS disqualified from WW SSB and WRTC

5B4ALX - Alessandro 5b4alx at gmail.com
Mon Feb 20 13:22:01 EST 2017

Another one innocent victim of the Committee and theyre choices to keep on ranks only those who want them. 
Call it shameful is too little!

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---- Ashraf Chaabane ha scritto ----

>Hi All,
>CQ WW CC decided to disqualify me for what they think self spotting and
>In the first email they came up with a long list, all dully answered by me.
>Two points remain for which they disqualified me from the Contest AND
>2-years conclusive effort to WRTC 2018:
>- Two friends of mine, living 200km away, spotted me 4 times using their
>own calls and 3V8CB (their club station). Their IP is different IP than
>- A 160m QSO with a non-multiplier HB9 station they said I was coordinating
>with the guy to make it despite I sent my audio recording proofing it was
>properly done!
>How much additional points these two breaches brought me? Nothing!
>Am I close to the second competitor? No!
>ASSUME it's correct: shouldn't be a yellow card? A penalty?
>Since I'm affraid someone else would spot me in the next CQ WW, I think I
>better quiet doing it and look after my job and family. I spent 2 years of
>family sacrifice doing ALL WRTC qualifying contests, driving 300km to do
>each, taken from my family time.
>Seems like "Donald Trump" isn't a person but a way of thinking!
>Ash ~ 3V8SS/KF5EYY
>Phone/SMS: (+216) 22670026
>Skype: kf5eyy
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