[CQ-Contest] Spotting - not

Ed Sawyer sawyered at earthlink.net
Mon Feb 20 20:04:16 EST 2017

Apparently, no one wants to spot any more.  They think that everyone is
using skimmer so what's the point?  I decided to make some notes this time
in ARRL DX.  


-          When did I start CQing on 80, 40, 20, 15?  

-          When did I get spotted?

-          Did I notice any big burst of calls?


I compared those notes with a look at the DX Summit to see how the spots


Keep in mind that I was likely the ONLY Vermont station CQing for many if
not most of the time.


I found that in MANY cases - I was running for more than an hour, in some
cases, close to 2 hours! Before being spotted.  Worked 100 - 300 stations
before being spotted.  


I also had a very direct correlation of a noticeable burst of activity when
spotted.  That means that there was a noticeable group of people not using
skimmer that were assisted.  Why don't those people spot?


If you run assisted, what is your comment?




Ed  N1UR

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