[CQ-Contest] R: Re: R: 3V8SS disqualified from WW SSB and WRTC

Ron Notarius W3WN wn3vaw at verizon.net
Tue Feb 21 09:26:26 EST 2017


This may sound more awkward than it is intended, but with no disrespect or criticism towards the CQ WW contest committee intended or implied...

I would certainly hope that they take a DQ situation seriously, and  past evidence is that they do.

But I find it... curious, for lack of a better term, that in recent weeks, we've had two different operators express basically the same concern over basically the same issue, to wit, allegedly being DQ'd due to issues with alleged self-spotting.  

(And I say "alleged" because I have no personal knowledge of the details, or the workings of the committee, not because I doubt anyone)

With that in mind, I have to wonder, and this is pure speculation on very limited information, if there is actually another issue at the root cause -- a misinterpretation, perhaps, or a language mistranslation, or something along those lines?
There must be more to the story.  Whether or not we will ever be privy to it -- or should be -- well, that's another story.

73, ron w3wn

On 02/21/17, Jeff Clarke wrote:

I feel bad for anyone who gets DQ'ed in a contest. That being said I'm 100 percent sure that the CQWW contest committee doesn't take the decision to disqualify someone lightly. Especially if it's someone in a position to quality for a WRTC slot. They usually have some pretty solid evidence. The WRTC committee makes the rules for qualifying not CQ.


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