[CQ-Contest] CQWW - considerations on the truths that are revealed

brian coyne g4odv at yahoo.co.uk
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It is unfortunate for you  that you were unable to prove your case beyond the reasonable doubt of the WW Committee., but now you go too far with references to 'dubious management' and assertions that the said management have an agenda against foreign stns. 

Understand that the log checkers are volunteers, guys who give up their time to promote and administer these great events. As volunteers their time is understandably limited and, as such, they are able only to  thoroughly check the top few entrants in any given category. If every submitted log were given the same attention there would likely be some hundreds of  DQ's. Any suggestion that those  Committee guys acted in bad faith is ridiculous, does you no credit and does not help your cause.

Cyprus is a small island with few contesters who have had an unjustifiably  bad press on this Forum in recent months. In 12 years living and  operating contests from here I personally know of only one stn who self spotted (not yourself) and one other who runs excessive power. We can only look forward to the day when there are tools to positively detect  all forms of cheating to avoid ops needing to defend themselves as you now are, granted that is looking a long way off. Meantime as you appear to be an occasional visitor to the island I feel that resident ops here would appreciate it if you ceased this tirade against the CQWW  Administration.
73  Brian 5B4AIZ.

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 Subject: [CQ-Contest] CQWW - considerations on the truths that are revealed
Slowly the truth about the dubious management of what until now was
considered the contest of the year coming out, bringing to light a
"dubious" managemnet, not to call it "terribly unfair", by those who should
ensure compliance with the rules, but which, it seems, the rules breaks

It’s curious to find that several stations in recent years have been
disqualified with ridiculous accusations, often were stations with an
excellent result, for other charges that can be defined almost absurd.

Often self-spotting appears to be a weapon in the hands of a  to the
incorrect and dictatorial committee to remove from the final rank the
stations thinking that the station accused cannot prove to be innocent but,
even when the station produces concrete and irrefutable evidence of their
innocence, nothing changes if not fall all in the silence, to not respond
to emails and still confirm the disqualification.

Now this is the procedure adopted by this Committee as the previous ones,
is almost an unwritten rule that are handed down from management to
management ... and this happens only in the CQWW !!

Try to seek with a filter in the CQ WW database and see what he tells us?

*CQWW SSB – United States (disqualified)*

2014 - N3IQ

1997 - KC6ETY/2

1986 - K3TUP

1980 - W6PU

*Amazing !!! … in 37 years only 4 stations USA disqualified from thecontest

I do not doubt there are really good operators .. but really only 4
stations in 37 years have broken the rules, even slightly?

mmmmm !!!!

*CQWW CW - United States (disqualified)*

2015 - N0FW/8

2015 - W2YC

1995 - K1NG

1988 - N2GZL

1987 - WD5COV/0

1985 - AG2S

1983 - W2REH

1980 - W3RJ

*Here definitely better right ?? ... I would say this ridiculous ... only 8
stations disqualified in the last 37 years.*

Not returning to the speech of the evidence or allegations that have
disqualified ALWAYS foreign stations, often with a brazenness that justify
himself behind ridiculous accusations, I wonder if this attention to
disqualifications is impartial.

I have been disqualified for 3 spot "doubts" of which I have given proof of
being innocent (evidence, not words) ... in 37 years you want to tell me
that no US station received 3 of dubious spot ?

I do not want to create a diplomatic crisis between nations but if you want
to make the champions of fairness we must with the same fairness and
honesty to admit that this is suspect.
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