[CQ-Contest] Self Spotting

Ed Sawyer sawyered at earthlink.net
Sun Feb 26 07:21:27 EST 2017

Why don't we just skip the radio part and just work each other in a chat
room.  That would be the fairest right?


Radiosport is ABOUT communicating over the airwaves and putting what we hear
in the log.  Not about accepting what the bandmap populated and hitting
enter.  Its also about the technical challenge of producing a good loud
signal and being able to hear.  Otherwise its essentially gaming.  There are
lots of outlets for people wanting to game.


I was CQing on 160 last night and had 2 EU stations call me that clearly
could not hear me but were broadcasting a Q (faking it), from the spot, to
try and get the Vermont Mult into the log.  I can hear them with my
beverages no problem.


I personally think Self Spotting is the end of contesting as we know it and
should NEVER be allowed.


At least with the RBN, a radio does have to pick you up to put it on the


Until there is an SSB RBN, the effort should be for fairer spotting.  The
easiest way is for the major contest clubs around the world to implore their
members to set the "spot all S & P" on their software programs and for that
to be the default position for programs going forward.  How hard is that?


Ed  N1UR

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