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Joe nss at mwt.net
Sun Feb 26 14:35:43 EST 2017

Ok, how about this,

No self spotting, BUT... to be able to participate in the contest, 
anytime you are in S&P mode, your program automatically sends out a spot 
whenever you work someone.

That would be as close to the RBN as possible for now? Everyone gets 
spotted that are Running a freq and getting worked at least once.

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On 2/26/2017 11:58 AM, Ria Jairam wrote:
> To understand why the self-spotting issue was raised, we need to back up a
> bit.
> In CW contests, RBN and private skimmers will automatically pick you up and
> spot you on the cluster networks, courtesy of W3LPL and others. This is
> essentially the same as self-spotting because nobody has to work you for
> you to be spotted, and as soon as you are detected by one of these robots
> (RBN or skimmer) you are automatically put on the cluster.
> In SSB contests there is no such facility, so it is generally luck of the
> draw for someone to work you then they will spot you. This is because there
> is no practical skimmer (voice recognition?) for SSB as of yet.
> The accusations were that some folks were self-spotting and trying to hide
> it, meaning that they would use a cell phone or another IP or "phone a
> friend" all of which are clear rules violations.
> In order to take away that incentive for cheating and put everyone on a
> level playing field, it was suggested to allow limited self-spotting.
> Otherwise, since some folks are going to self-spot anyway, and the contest
> committee may or may not find them, it puts honest competitors at a
> disadvantage. And the logic was that since essentially self-spotting
> happens in CW contests due to RBN/skimmer, that allowing limited
> self-spotting would be harmless.
> In other words, take away the advantage that self-spotting cheating
> currently gives, by allowing everyone to do it. This would have a
> detrimental effect on cheaters because now they cannot really gain any
> advantage from self-spotting.
> Hope I made sense.
> Of course, there are purists who see this changing amateur radio into a
> computer game - my friends, that is not my intention. The intention is to
> remove the ability to gain from cheating by making it so that even if you
> self-spot it gives no advantage whatsoever.
> With the current system we have the luck of the draw of a random person
> spotting you or even organized people in a club asking fellow members to
> spot them.
> Just my 2c. It's not perfect but it is fair, IMO.
> Ria, N2RJ
> On Sun, Feb 26, 2017 at 1:43 PM, Barry Merrill <w5gn at mxg.com> wrote:
>> There's an even bigger difference; actual spots from hams or RBN convey
>> propagation information, self spots.don't.
>> Barry, W5GN
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>> There's a big difference
>> The first one improve your skills, you must learn about propagation, know
>> where to point your antennas, etc etc etc
>> The other one not
>> So what's next, why we use radios? If we can do all over internet, no qsb,
>> no qrn, we do not need to spend time and money building stations and
>> improving with better antennas, just connect to internet, choose a nickname
>> more funny than our callsigns and go...
>> For DX what´s the next step?  JT65 with a software that do the QSOs alone
>> for us while we are working?
>> 73,
>> Jorge
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>>> El 26 feb. 2017, a las 08:08, Charles Harpole <hs0zcw at gmail.com>
>> escribió:
>>> What is the difference between a CQ and a self spot?
>>> Both call attention to you, both announce your desire for contacts,
>>> both are self-promoting.
>>> We in SEAsia seem seldom spotted in contests, maybe  due to our low
>>> numbers or remoteness or something.  Out of contests, if I did not
>>> spot myself, I could call CQ for a long time because few tune around,
>>> I guess.  If I have an hr to enjoy contacts and do not want to waste
>>> the first half hour calling CQ, I send in my own spot.
>>> In contests, why would non-mechanized spots be sent out--that is, why
>>> would a fellow competitor help anyone find the gem he found and thus
>>> helping others score better?
>>> I like the ham spirit, but other than bragging ("Look who I just
>>> worked!"), and ham generosity, why spot at all?
>>> 73
>>> Charly, HS0ZCW
>>> PS, do big clubs have private, members only, spotting facilities?
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