[CQ-Contest] Rule Enforcement - why not power cheating?

Ken Widelitz widelitz at gte.net
Sun Feb 26 19:42:57 EST 2017

Hi Pete,


You wrote:


"Vince, if someone showed up at your door, identified himself, and showed
you a letter from the contest committee asking him to visit you during the
contest, would you really refuse him entry?"


If someone showed up unannounced during the contest, I wouldn't know they
were there. At my LA QTH, the doorbell is turned off during contests as I
interfere with my own intercom system. If they knocked on the door and my
XYL answered, she knows I am incommunicado during contests. In PEI, there is
no doorbell. Of course, the door isn't locked, but if someone just walked in
I would have a conniption and maybe a heart attack if they tapped me on the


If you are just checking on illegal power, you should be able to do that
without entering the shack using some calibrated instruments and videotaping
the results as proof.


73, Ken, K6LA / VY2TT




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