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W1RM wrote:

> So, please explain why cheat?  

I don't pretend to know all the psychology behind cheating, but in some
parts of the world finding loopholes and ways to subvert the rules is common
practice and a sort of badge of honor in itself. Cheating strategy is viewed
as part of the competition. In a sense, they're not only competing against
other participants, they're competing against the rule makers. Similar to
the mentality of hackers.

One would think this is most common in countries that have or have had
authoritarian governments, where subverting rules might be or might have
been necessary for survival. In other words, the viewpoint is deeply
embedded in the culture. I'm not going to name countries, but I believe the
theory is supported by the record in Radiosport and even more so in athletic
sports (i.e., countries consistently caught doping.)

That said, we have some of that viewpoint even here, in the land of freedom,
on the part of people who rebel against authority or anyone telling them
what to do ("Don't tread on me"). But I believe it's less common.

I think many cheaters have self-esteem issues and want the admiration of
their peers so much they delude themselves that it's OK to cheat or they
aren't actually cheating. In sports, there might be incredible pressure from
parents, coaches, government authorities and/or peers to win at any cost.

Finally, people who engage in minor cheating, like running a few extra
watts, sanitizing the log after the contest, and violating other rules that
aren't enforceable, may feel it's not that big a deal, may feel that the
rule is stupid, or "everybody does it." In my opinion, That's just
Just some armchair psychology and speculation, so I hope no one will get
bent out of shape. Please don't assume I'm saying it's OK to cheat because
there may be understandable explanations for it. Definitely not!

73, Dick WC1M

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Why cheat at all?  There is no monitory benefit to winning a contest.
Admiration of your fellow contesters might follow a massive score but you
know it isn't legit.  Honest mistakes such as putting a station in your log
that you thought you worked but they didn't get your call right happens.
Having the power on your radio drift a little so you're running 1600 watts
rather than 1500 can happen but the busted QSO will be caught and the extra
100 watts won't make a material difference in your signal or score.


So, please explain why cheat?  


Pete, W1RM


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