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Gerry Treas K8GT k8gt at mi.rr.com
Mon Feb 27 14:30:10 EST 2017

Thanks to all for sharing their experiences with Lew.  While I never 
knew him, I was aware of the high regard that many contesters had of 
him.  I did meet him once in the early 2000's in Dayton at the Crowne 
Plaza at the SMC hospitality suite 1205.  I told Lew that I worked at a 
TV station in Detroit and in the '70s we had a political commentator / 
muckraker by the name of Lou Gordon.  Lew then asked me, "Was he a mean 
SOB?" and I replied,"Yes" and Lew said, "Good!". We enjoyed a laugh at that.

So long Lew.  RIP

73, Gerry, K8GT

On 26-Feb-17 21:44, Stan Stockton wrote:
> I operated at K4VX/0 four times in a five year period beginning 1994.  Missed 1995 but took my son and others the next three years.
> A lot was learned from Lew.
> Lew had an opinion regarding packet spotting.  He didn't like it and even though it put him at a disadvantage we tuned the radio to find needed multipliers in the M/M category.
> Lew had an opinion regarding the rules...they were to be followed.  I remember a heated discussion regarding a logged exchange with a UA9 that resulted in an "attempted" correction to the exchange field for an earlier contact with the same station on another band.
> Lew went to great lengths to make sure every amplifier was tuned up to EXACTLY 1500 watts and not 1499 and not 1501.  That was a little tricky with what I believe was a 3CX-3000 on 10M.
> RIP, Lew Gordon.
> Stan, K5GO
>> On Feb 26, 2017, at 1:41 PM, Valeri Stefanov <stefanov.valeri at abv.bg> wrote:
>> Sad to report that Lew has passed:
>> K4VX, Lew Gordon, died at 3:57 this afternoon, February 25.
>> Funeral arrangements will be from Smith Funeral Home, Hannibal, MO.
>> GregK9IG
>>   These are really bad news.  I knew Lew since 1978 when I went to LZ1KDP during my first year at Dental School. He was my TEACHER / mentor in contesting back then.  Learn a LOT from him  about contesting. Due to socialism / communist ruling in these years in Bulgaria we were able to meet each other only about 30 years later when he visited me and LZ9W.  R.I.P. Lew.  You will not be forgotten !  Wally LZ2CJ
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