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DXer hfdxmonitor at gmail.com
Sun Jan 1 09:15:38 EST 2017

But you get better service, surely....Not!

I did, and I do, change my mind about purchasing something if the item 
is not delivered by the postal service.

My 'awakening' happened after being charged more for 'brokerage' fees 
than the item itself.

Courrier is likely the best thing since the postal service was 
created...for business users. The little guy is still better off with 
the good old postal service.

All of the above refers to shipping internationally. There is no 
'brokerage' fee on domestic shipment, so the situation is very different.

HNY to all.

Vince, VA3VF

You want to see high prices?
The post office is dirt cheap.

Send a 8 pound box to say Italy via the post office. it will cost ya, 
$64 bucks

But via UPS 270 bucks

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