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 >> I would think that the majority of 'serious' QSLers 
>>check QRZ.COM.
The problem is that they don't, and other guys who use QSL Managers  will tell you the same, so despite my instructions on QRZ.Com I still get direct cards. I will respond only to cards where the contacts were for calls I used  long ago, prior to using a Manager when my logs were all handwritten and I never had the time nor energy to input to a PC. In addition our 5B buro receive many via buro  cards for me which end up in the bin. We Contester's generate the greatest number of qso's and card requests and I am convinced that many of the buro senders have never heard of QRZ.Com and others, particularly DL's,  just feed cards into the printer or label machines in sufficient numbers to cover the entire contest. to cover the entire contest..

Having said the above  if I can find a mail address  for the card sender in QRZ then I will refer them to my Manager but it remains that they have wasted their stationary and postage, IRC and $ costs sending to me. I initially felt guilty about this but no longer, they will never learn the lesson unless they pause to think just why they have not obtained a reply. 

73 & HNY to all.Brian 5B4AIZ / C4Z.

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 Subject: [CQ-Contest] QSLing.
Hi Randy,

 >>I'm wondering if there is the possibility of setting up a "NO QSL" 
list, similar to the no-call list for phones.

Not that I'm aware. The closest you could try is to say so on your 
QRZ.COM profile. I would think that the majority of 'serious' QSLers 
check QRZ.COM. My profile now says no direct QSLing, and it stopped.

73 de Vince, VA3VF
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