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I have no 'proof' of this, so this is all anecdotal, for entertainment
purposes only.

I was told that the originating postal service keeps all the postage for

A package from the west coast of the US to the east coast of Canada, will be
delivered to the Canadian postal service in Washington state, and the
Canadian postal service handles it from there. The cost to the American
postal service is greatly reduced this way.

The Canadian postal service will likely do the same, in the same situation,
so it should average out in the end.

Even domestic mail has substantially different costs. A letter from
Newfoundland to the Yukon territory surely costs more than the same letter
to my neighbour, but the rate is the same.

This is likely the reason why most postal services, at least at the consumer
level, are still in government 'hands'.

Costs could be a lot lower if maritime transportation only were used, but in
today's world it would be a no go. We want things now, not 6 months from
now, if not longer.

73 de Vince, VA3VF

Does anyone know how this overseas actually works?

I mean more or less say a parcel costs one dollar to ship from USA, to the
country of kabookistan.

Now of that dollar,, does Kabookistan get any of it? I mean ya know the
postage pays for the labor and material costs to move it from one place to
another. So does any of that dollar go towards to costs in Kabbokistan of
moving that parcel to it's final destination?

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