[CQ-Contest] SO2R controller survey

Randall K Martin rkmassoc at comcast.net
Sun Jan 1 20:03:59 EST 2017

Mike, I used a Top 10 DX Doubler up until November 2015. It worked 
great, but I got the the point where all my computers lacked an LPT 
port. Decided to sell it and replaced it with an MK2R. You should be 
able to purchase a DX Doubler for less than $100 on the used market. I 
paid $500 for the used MK2R last year. For the money, unless you need 
all the extra features of the MK2R, the DX Doubler is a bargain and much 
simpler to setup.

Note to all readers: I have two sets of radio interface cables for the 
DX Doubler. One is for Yaesu and the other is for Elecraft K-3. Contact 
me if you are interested in buying them.

I also have a pair of Yaesu interface cables for the top 10 Band Decoder 
for sale.

73 Randy K0EU

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