[CQ-Contest] An announcement from Scott W3TX at SuperBertha

ScottW3TX scottw3tx at verizon.net
Mon Jan 2 14:06:39 EST 2017

Myself and Jim WA3FET are pleased to announce the transfer of SuperBertha’s antenna division to Yankee Microwave of Harrison Maine.  They are well positioned to continue the tradition of “Ultimate OWA Antennas”.  Furthermore, they will have the time to expand the line of antennas to include LPDA’s and additional designs.  For those in industry, government, and NGO communications you will find Yankee Microwave uniquely qualified to provide both the antennas and the installation services that you need: They can do entire projects from concept to installation. I will be working with Yankee Microwave for an extended period of time to ensure a smooth and successful transfer.

This transfer was perfectly timed for me so that I can spend more time with my wife and young children.  It will also allow me to focus on growing my true love… SuperBertha Towers ... without the distraction of antenna fabrication/R&D.

The SuperBertha tradition I began in 1999,  providing the world’s strongest antenna tower, continues including The Little Bertha (up to 79ft), Big Bertha (80 to 109ft), and Super Bertha (110 to 200+ feet). I am also re-invigorating the SuperRGT rotating guyed tower with an entirely new design.

My very best wishes to all for a happy and productive 2017!

73, Scott W3TX
SuperBertha.com <http://superbertha.com/>

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