[CQ-Contest] CQWW 2016 SSB logs now public.

DXer hfdxmonitor at gmail.com
Sat Jan 7 16:04:17 EST 2017

Hi Contesters,

In case you find the conversation a bit disjointed, the reason is that 
my message to the list, now posted, also went to Hans,K0HB, and to Doug, 
KR2Q. Each list I follow is set differently, some reply to the list, 
others to the sender, and others to both sender and list. I don't 
remember what I 'clicked' in this case.

I'm not a contest competitor, more like a participant. Some will 
therefore be entitled to ask: "what do you care, then?", fair enough, I 

After this intro, let me say that Doug, KR2Q, contacted me in private. I 
appreciated very much him taking the time to do it. He is a gentleman, 
and I thank him for his attention. I also thanked him for what amounts, 
most of the time, to a thankless job (Contest Manager).

He wrote about what he had in mind when he posted the announcement. They 
were all valid and correct, of course.

Having been given all this consideration, I don't want to say anything 
more about this particular stage of the CQWW (publication of logs).

I want to say that I support clean sports. I support the logs being made 
public. I support the healthy curiosity of checking another competitor's 
log. I support letting the Contest Manager know about anything that 
doesn't 'compute'.

Unfortunately, there is also a 'vigilante' mindset out there. I would 
rather not have that mindset legitimized.

Thanks and 73.

Vince, VA3VF

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