[CQ-Contest] Call sign history

DXer hfdxmonitor at gmail.com
Sun Jan 8 10:11:59 EST 2017

Hi Jim,

Agonizing indeed. I don't remember being given a choice for my first 3 
callsigns. If I had a choice, its value did not 'register' with me at 
the time.

Then in the 90s, now in VE land, I was given a choice, and was totally 
unprepared. After a brief 'panic attack' (the line must keep moving), I 
asked if a call with my initials was available. It was, and that's 'all 
she wrote'.

I'll do my 'homework' next time, if I ever find myself in the same 
situation again.

73 de Vince, VA3VF

On 2017-01-08 9:28 AM, James  Cain wrote:

  But choosing a new call sign was agonizing!

  A lot of us chose a new call sign that had some connection with our 
checkered past. For many, the choice was mode-oriented. If you liked 
phone, phonetics were a big consideration. For CW operators, bauds mattered.

  And, if you prefer CW, do you really want a call sign ending in K?

  Jim Cain, K1TN (ex-WA1STN, WA9AUM)

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