[CQ-Contest] Multi 2 locking device, TriPlexers and BPF

Andrey Fedorishchev ra6lbs at gmail.com
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As the link to our products way too incorrect, I feel free to post it here:

The full line of TriPlexers (3 power levels) as well as DiPlexers and
QuadPlexers is here: http://lowbandsystems.com/collection/di-tri-quadro-

it is sold in NA by DXEngineering, and few others in EU

And of course we have also accompanying 200 and 500 and 1500W line of band
pass filters.


Igor, I would be careful to name someones`s production " the best" without
quantitative test by independent source

The story of designing and building triplexer (first ever at HF) plus
accompanying BPF, in 2008 preparation for the WRTC-2010 in Moscow, is still
to be written for descendants and followers :)

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1) Two LP on different bands with different antennas - use
http://microham.com/contents/en-us/d75.html or
http://quad.ru/production/switchSO2R.php The latter has better port
isolation. WX0B six pack has much poorer port isolation then the above
mentioned two switches). For home brew switch project try here
http://www.sj2w.se/contest/?page_id=1547  and here

2) Two LP on different bands using the same multiband antenna - in addition
to the abobe switch you will need triplexer and band pass  filters. The best
combo one is by VA6AM (ex UN7LG)
There are also W2NQN filters (good), UA4CC filters
http://quad.ru/production/bpf.php (very good), RA6LBS triplexer
http://quad.ru/production/bpf.php, There are also INRAD and DUNESTAR
triplexers but VA6AM seems to be the best (see here
VA6AM has got all the info for building home brew triplexer and filters.
5B5AGN has the info for building BPF here
Also a lot of (but not complete) info can be found here

73, Igor UA9CDC

Andrey Fedorishchev,


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