[CQ-Contest] NCJ Sprint Changes in the works

Tree tree at kkn.net
Mon Jan 9 17:14:01 EST 2017

There are some changes being made to the NCJ Sprint rules effective this
year.  These apply to the CW and RTTY events (the SSB Spring has been
splintered off and is being sponsored by another group).

First off - in an effort to increase the activity generated by the team
competition, the maximum team size has been dropped from 10 to 5 members.
This means it will be possible for a smaller group of people to be
competitive in the team category.

Secondly - the multiplier list is being changed to make it the same as the
NAQP contests.  This adds KH6 and DC as multipliers, and also replaces MAR
and NT with the relevant Canadian province/entity.

Full rules can be found on the ncjweb.com website.

The next CW Sprint is scheduled for Feb 5th UTC. The QSO total award
certificates were mailed out yesterday - so if you improved on your QSO
total from February 2016, or made over 100 QSOs for the first time in 2016
in September, you should be receiving a certificate soon.

73 Tree N6TR

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