[CQ-Contest] LOTW Certificate Renewal is EASY

Barry Merrill w5gn at mxg.com
Thu Jan 12 12:06:43 EST 2017

I'm impressed!


I got an email from ARRL's LOTW for each call, W5GN and EI/W5GN,

telling me to scan and delete any .tq5 files for prior certs,

if any, and I found none, and then when I opened TQSL, it 

offered to install the new version, EASY CLICK, and then it

recognized my certificate for EI/W5GN was about to expire, 

offered to renew it, an EASY few clicks to confirm nothing

had changed, offered to upload, EASY,  and then prompted me 

to renew the second certificate for W5GN, also EASY!!


Great work by the LOTW team.


Merrilly New Year


Barry Merrill, W5GN 

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