[CQ-Contest] Contest rankings depend on the will of those who want to hurt you

Alessandro Gromme 5b4alx at gmail.com
Thu Jan 26 01:59:51 EST 2017

I would like to bring to everyone's attention what is happening to me,
maybe it will be already happened to someone else but I can not remain
silent or hide it, do not ask for feedback, only to those who will be
interested to read, I ask only that the people know.

I participate in the contest since I was a child, often with excellent
results, first with the call IZ2AMS, IZ4AMS, II4K then, since I live in
Cyprus, with my call H2X.

I will try to be brief…

In 2015 I participates in the CQ WW as SO15LP, for personal reasons I can
not participate for many hours but still I send log.

After a few months I receive the WARNING, probably of disqualification for

They are challenged me about 30 "alleged" Autospot including many Italian
stations that I know.

the reasons:

·         the spotting station  will not appear in the log

·         the station has spotted you while your rate was declining

·         the station has spotted you in the next minute to change your

leaving aside any consideration about the endless possibilities of this
happening not by the hand of the offending station go forward even if
already here would place many doubts about the correctness of this method
of control.

I object to such accusations, explaining that were not made by me or at my
request and ask them to trace the IP addresses to verify that those spots
are not sent from my station, but they reply me that is not possible to
trace the IP and in spite of myself after several days, having no proof of
my innocence as no concrete evidence of my guilt, I disqualify.

I get angry, but what can I do?

In 2016 I participate to another RTTY contest, again I don’t send any
Autospot but the problem returns in the same way, on the same charges, the
same evidence “presumed”, the same disqualification based on the
presumption of guilt ... my disappointment and my disappointment grow again.

Always in 2016 I participate, as planned, in the CQ WW SSB as ALL-QRP, this
time as I like it, with total commitment to putting log QSO 1720 and over
1.7 million points of net errors drop to 1,650,000 points just 50,000
points from the All TIME RECORD.

For all the time of the contest, including periods off (few) I deliberately
left the router off my network, all computers were disconnected from the

So I look forward to the final results, but ....

... I get the same email to DISQUALIFICATION warning for autospot !!!!

This time the reasons are even more absurd, I will now paste a copy of part
of the mail between me and the committee for convenience:

*Multiple callsigns, 1 IP number used. All three calls are worked at that
time in the log. Unique spotter call signs (they spot nobody else). IP from




*30.10.2016 11:07*






*30.10.2016 11:12*






*30.10.2016 15:26*



But how ???

When last year I asked for the tracking of IP to absolve me from
accusations they replied that it was not possible and this year they accuse
me right on the basis of the IP?!

Below my reply :


*Alter what happened  last year I have disconnect any device connected to
the web for all the time of the contest*

*At this time I have only to think that someone on the island that do it
with the clear intention of disqualify me*

*I have not done last year but I had no evidence of my innocence so I had
to agree with remission the decision and the damage but two years later no,
absolutely not !!!*

*In order to avoid any problem in the edition 2016 I have been completely
without web access for the duration of the contest!!!*

*It cannot lose consecutive years participate with commitment, obtaining
excellent results as that of last year and see themselves disqualified for
3 suspects Autospot ABSOLUTELY NOT PARTIES TO ME of over 1700 QSOs*


*ompared to what you reported, leaving aside the absurdity of wanting
to disqualify a station with a score from almost all time record
with 1700 QSOs in the log for 3 suspects Autospot: *

*1- at my Cyprus home from which I participate in the contest, including
the one under consideration, I have a static IP connection, for the
duration of the contest, including the OFF periods, the home connection has
been deliberately disabled, despite also last year the
accusations addressed to me were wrong but I did not, of
course, valid evidence to prove the truth; unfortunately I
cannot provide static IP address proof of my network until 8 February when
I return to Cyprus by a working tour in Europe 2- after the
disqualification of last year and after my complaints about I think is
a clear evidence of my foreignness just the fact that the three spots have
been made with an ip "in the clear" due in Cyprus 3- all three spots
are started from the same ip, not mine, following a QSO by
me performed with the station used as a spotter, all three on the same
day and in a limited amount of time. as you analyze
the practices of Autospot, it is clear that such a practice is in contrast
with an Autospot in order to bring to log QSOs, as well as waste my
time in times when the rate was still good*

*4 - the fact that the ip you detected is attributable to the island
of Cyprus does not prove to be assigned to my network, as you know may have
been used by another station on the island with the clear intention to harm
me, especially afterthe precedent of 2015, as any other person in Europe by
masking their iP with the first invented Cypriot ip 5 - after a long
career in
the contest with call IZ4AMS - IZ2AMS - II4K - 5B4ALX - H2X during which I
never had any complaint of irregularities just for my honesty as an
operator in the contest as the right of every day, from ' last year's
accusations Autospot went crazy with 3 recommendations in a short time, all
three strangers to me. This is now the absolute proof of the clear desire
for someone to harm me and exclude me from the charts by discrediting the
call and the operator I have nothing to add except to convey proof of
my ip just shall return home on February 8. But I feel really absurd this
story is in the clear intention to discredit me, demonstrated by the
facts, whether for a disqualification motivated by three spots from
you deemed "Autospot" in the face of more than 1700 QSOs in the log without
first asking information about. last year I accepted the damage without
replying, conscious of not having evidence in favor of my innocence,
but not this time, because at this point, on this basis, I have to think of
being disqualified from any future contest until such time as the ' author
of these actions will not stop doing them. I conclude by clarifying that I
do not think you, as the last  CQ WW management, responsible for
what is happening to me but I ask, in the face of fairness that has
always sign me, to help me to solve the situation and understand what i
am victim. Disqualifying my call repeatedly fed the intent of this
criminal encouraging them to continue in this practice. I await your
reply, hoping for your understanding and help *

Now I am waiting to read the response of this new CQ WW management but I
ask everyone how reliable the system checks the rule about autospot because
what's happening to me can happen to anyone.

Anyone can use the cluster anonymously or pretending to be someone else
with the clear  intent to harm a station.

Can you be disqualified from a contest only for the suspicion of something
without evidence and concrete of the sender of the commercials!?

Because at this point anyone who wants to disqualify a station will "only"
put on the cluster false Autospot or spot using trumped-up call or stations
not in contest !!

I very much hope that this sad adventure ends because I would take part in
the contest as anyone else and with passion and honesty that has always
accompanied me over the years

Alex 5B4ALX - H2X

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