[CQ-Contest] (no subject)

Joe Fischer aa8ta at fischerhome.org
Fri Jan 27 09:57:01 EST 2017

It's difficult to understand what is going on here due to, I suspect language and culture situations, but after reading this many times, including on QRZ.com, I think what is going on:

A contester participates in a contest and does pretty well.

The CQ Contest adjudicators disqualify several Qs by implying the participant was spotted only when his rate was declining, very shortly after he QSY'ed and the spotter did not spot anybody else.  Thus, the CQ Contest adjudicators came to the conclusion that the participant was self-spotting.

The participant is convinced that somebody else in his region is determined to get him disqualified and has figured out ways of creating havoc to do just that and has been successful.

The offended party would like to know how to defend his honor.

GL es 73 de Joe AA8TA

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