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The term issue is not as simple as it seems. At the first glance, everything
looks simple and straight forward, the word AUTO in Italian is similar to
SELF in English. This word also migrated to other languages holding the same
meaning. For example, see "Automobile" (auto-mobile) which stands for
"self-moving" [carriage]. Therefore Autospot should likely mean, Selfspot.
But... In the amateur practice besides selfspots we also have AUTOMATIC
spots sent by a logging program after every QSO logged. This logging option,
if activated, may have both positive and (sometimes) negative consequences.
Moreover, these consequences may affect an entrant's score. 

To recap, the word Autospot allows at least 2 different readings, If I was
you, I'd ask for clarification.             




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To be short The committee accuses for the second year in a row To have
entered the cluster of false spots in order to facilitate (they presume) in
the race.

AUTOSPOT is a commonly used term, not a translation error.

in 2016 (CQ WW 2015) have been accused of alleged Autospot, I asked for the
tracking of IP to prove my innocence, but I have refused. 
this year, with an excellent result - the first world and almost ALL TIME
Record- challenge me 3 spots made by a Cyprus IP, two on Sunday at 11am and
one on Sunday at 3pm

I've never done this, disqualifications are based on the alleged negligence
of the operator without concrete evidence of his guilt because the cluster
is open to everyone and vulnerable to any improper practice.
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