[CQ-Contest] Anybody else seeing incoming busted QSLs?

Jim Rhodes jimk0xu at gmail.com
Fri Jan 27 11:58:26 EST 2017

I seem to get a few and I have a friend who's suffix is the reverse of mine
who says he gets some for CW contacts he assumes are mine because he
doesn't do anything but phone. Actually, since the subject has come up,  I
don't think that I am current with the bureau. Better send them some
money.  LOTW has made me lazy.

On Jan 27, 2017 10:20, "Huff David J" <HuffDavidJ at johndeere.com> wrote:

> Is anyone else seeing a number of "busted" QSLs coming to them?
> I just got my yearly mailing from the incoming Zero QSL bureau, and it
> contained more cards from overseas that I never made contact with.  Keep in
> mind these are people who sent cards from Europe, South America, and
> elsewhere around the globe all the way to me, even though I did not contact
> them.  Almost all of these were CW, and when checking with my logs I am
> certain I never made contact with them.  Some of these were occurring when
> all my radio gear was packed away in boxes, and others are just so rare, I
> would have remembered them.  I spend most of my time on digital or SSB, not
> CW.  I Also did a download on LOTW and I am starting to see the same thing,
> bad CW QSOs filling my log.  I am told this is common, but I am wondering
> if there is something I should do.
> So is this A)Bad fists on CW, B)Bad logging or typos, C)people using my
> call sign for log padding, D)Super Check Partial fill errors.  One
> contester I asked indicated super check can sometimes fill in bad calls,
> especially if you have a short call sign.  I have also seen bad calls due
> to O versus 0, and I versus 1.  Do I just have a call sign that is prone to
> people getting wrong on CW?
> I have been advised to throw the cards away, but I do feel bad,
> considering the cost of postage around the globe.  Even if these came in
> via the bureau, the cost of the overseas transfer is not cheap.
> David J. Huff
> W0IM
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