[CQ-Contest] Autospot

Lee Sawkins ve7cc at shaw.ca
Fri Jan 27 14:16:31 EST 2017

Alex, if the contest committee wants to find your static IP address all they have to do is to ask DX Summit for the IP address used by 5B4ALX to post spots. I found 2 spots posted by 5B4ALX on DX Summit. If you really did post these, then this IP address will be different than the IP address found by the contest committee for the self spots. 

^28076.0^5B4ALX^20-Jan-2017^0902Z^jt65 - try opening^5B4ALX^ 
^14265.0^YU/IV3FSG^ 1-Nov-2016^1259Z^Elvira TU fer QSO^5B4ALX^ 


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