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Dale Putnam daleputnam at hotmail.com
Mon Jan 30 20:01:21 EST 2017

Just about the time I start thinking positive... "I can too get both pelts.. on Tues evening in the 40 acre woods".. along comes.....

A large, canyon-shaped hole has opened in the sun's atmosphere, and it is spewing a stream of solar wind toward Earth.  Polar geomagnetic storms are likely when the fast-moving stream arrives, probably on Feb 1st.

So.. what does that mean??  Only need to think a LOT more positive.. is all!!!

Good Luck, K4BAI and W9CF!!

check www.qrpfoxhunt.org<http://www.qrpfoxhunt.org>   for details.. and remember.. only 5 watts!! The scorekeeper hates QRO!!

QRP Fox Hunt Home Page<http://www.qrpfoxhunt.org/>
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Have a great day,
--... ...-- Dale - WC7S in Wy

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1856 - Abraham Lincoln

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