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Holger Hannemann holger at 9h3m.com
Sun Jun 4 19:01:54 EDT 2017

Hi Randy

We use www.cqcontest.net. Doing a full contest without makes it much more
boring. I found this to be "THE TOOL" to motivate my daughter to go the
extra mile. As you know contesting from the South Pacific and especially ZL
offers only a limited number of high rate hours versus many slow to medium
hours where one need a lot of patience to stick to the radio.

Try to motivate a kid to spend the weekend on the radio and then wait half a
year or longer for the results! In today's world this is not accepted and in
its own a no show decision. The online scoreboards give a feeling of a race
and some immediate feedback how you are doing against your competition. Two
weeks ago Xenia (ZL4YL) did the WPX CW as a SB40 entry. The contest starts
at noon time here so she had to wait a few hours for 40m  to open. When she
did her first QSO there were stations that already had a few hundred logged.
>From the start she had an eye on the scoreboard. She virtually went hunting
working her way up to the top! Of course we discussed strategy and potential
new record setting up front. But for her the scoreboard was the real driver
and motivator. When she finished her first shift she was on the top of the
40m SB HP scoreboard. By that time she had been 18 hrs in the chair except
for some bathroom breaks!  She took  a six hour break and when I woke her up
her first question was after her current position on the scoreboard! We're
talking about a 16 years old girl here. She is interested in radio but she's
not the radio fanatic like me!

 I enjoy the scoreboard and it helps me to stay committed and focussed. For
my daughter and I bet for all kids it is essential to get an immediate
feedback! This is the motivation tool! It is not about being number one but
having a race between three or four others and enjoying the contest.

73 Holger, ZL3IO/ZM4T

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I am writing an article about online scoreboards for contesting.  Looking
for comments both from those who use scoreboards (why?  Any good stories?)
and those who don't (why not?). What scoreboards are out there?


Replies can be direct, or you can reply to the reflector and drive a




Randy, K5ZD



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