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I can (and do) disagree with many views held by EI5DI, and I can express
that disagreement without demonizing the man or disparaging his programming

73, HB

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> Paul, EI5DI, says he  knows that most or all remote operations are running
> "unattended.". Well, how can he know this?
> He surmises it because he suffers from a visceral hatred of any remote
> operation.
> My station is  certainly is NOT unattended during contests.  I am at the
> station for the full duration of any contest we enter.
> I am the Control Operator at all times.
> Precious Paul, we are getting a little tired of your exaggerated and
> often, inaccurate and baseless observations about remote contesting
> We all get it: Paul hates remote operation.   We also get that remote
> contesting is here to stay.  If is a burgeoning niche within contesting.
> Mediocre contesters who try to peddle a third or fourth rate app, to the
> uninformed are not to be taken seriously.  Does any top ten station use
> contesting software from Ireland?
> Thought not.
> Mike W4AAW
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