[CQ-Contest] Broken calls

Bill Parry bparry at rgv.rr.com
Sun Jun 18 23:56:39 EDT 2017

Why wouldn't we believe you?  All of us have that once in a while. Usually my call makes it into the packet as WH4X instead of W5VX. This usually ends up with a few busted calls for me.  ...and I ID on every QSO!  I am amazed at how some of the guys get into the copying stratosphere in the contests with some of the guys I work.  😊

Bill W5VX

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Hi Al. 
Nice to hear from you.
What is the "other way"?
QSY is THE ONLY way I know.
Once, Tom 8P5A was spotted as AP5A on SSB. He tried real hard to ID like 3 times per QSO, but finally the only way to stop that cluster lids pile-up was to QSY.
Ask him if you don't believe me. :-)


P.S. We all miss you. Come back! :-)

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 Problem is most of the people in contests not care about assisted or unassisted category they use cluster and if some one spot you with wrong call than you in problem  Experienced contesters have several way to avoid that problem and you can recognize easy you spotted with wrong call when you see lot of dupe callers easiest way is to QSY 
        73              Al 4L5A


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