[CQ-Contest] I hate ITU prefills

Tree tree at kkn.net
Thu Jun 29 14:00:41 EDT 2017

It's still a depressing feeling for me seeing all of this activity around
getting the ITU pre-fill database updated every year.  Does this activity
stop after the contest?  I am sure there is enough momentum of the
collusion that goes on - that some people think nothing of helping their
friend out when they are sure if MRASZ was right or not.

One of the things we try to measure during a contest is how accurate people
are.  How well they can copy what they hear in the headphones and
accurately log it.  This is a skill that would be very important if the
amateur radio service is ever called into handling emergency

In an emergency - we don't have pre fills on the information we might be
exchanging.  A phone number needs to be copied correctly in order to find
the right person on the other end.  (This is something I was personally
involved in after the 1971 San Fernando Earthquake).

As the log checker for the IARU contest - it is fairly easy for me to bust
exchanges for people who mis-copied the ITU designator.  However, a group
of you have decided this is too much work during the contest and want to
rely on a pre fill database instead of using your brain to figure out what
is being sent.  This feels like you are playing the game by a different set
of rules.

I applaud those who avoid using such a database.  In truth - by keeping
their brain engaged - they might actually have a more accurate log.

Tree N6TR

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