[CQ-Contest] Encouraging Casual Participation in Contests

kzerohb at gmail.com kzerohb at gmail.com
Mon May 1 15:42:24 EDT 2017

Charly said:

➢ Expenses...... Lets see, 120ft tower, two yagis, Alpha 9500, modern Yaesu.
➢ Comparing to cost of $120. for award.
➢ Uh, yeah !
➢ Charly

I just had a look at my LoTW “Awards” page.  I have just under 2,000 WPX’s confirmed.

The LoTW cost to “redeem” them would be around $250.

So let’s see ---- For $250 I cover one of the following expenses…..

….a handsome certificate from CQ Magazine via LoTW, suitable for framing.
….a couple of nice GLoomis walleye rods.
….a deluxe Leigh dovetailing jig
….a new pair of hiking boots
….a pretty decent Tokina macro lens
….hotel room for Dayton Hamvention
….a REALLY good bottle of single malt 
….dinner and wine with K0CKB at a swanky restaurant
….ten years subscription to NCJ

Tell me again about the “handsome certificate, suitable for framing”!  (NOT!!!!!!!!)

73, de Hans, KØHB
"Just a boy and his radio"™

PS: Does ANYONE really care if I worked a single PX, let alone 2,000 of them?

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