[CQ-Contest] N7WA mobile run for 7QP

Michael Dinkelman mwdink at gmail.com
Mon May 1 16:57:06 EDT 2017

One of the best QSO parties (after the Salmon Run) is the 7QP.
It's this coming weekend so see
http://ws7n.net/7QP/new/page.asp?content=start  for rules and info.

This year, Randy K7TQ and I will be teaming up to give you 23 Washington
and Idaho Counties for the 7QP. Randy has devised an aggressive schedule
starting from central eastern Washington, to northwest Idaho, down to
southeastern Washington, then back to home base. He even said we could stop
and eat a couple times. :>)   Not sure about bathroom stops though...

We'll have a KX3/KXPA100 combination as the working rig and we are going to
try out Randy's KX2 as a second rig for the driver to listen to on a second
band. I've
never had luck using phone while mobile but we'll try again this year in
the longer
counties. The emphasis will be CW.

Not expecting much out of 15M if anything. Twenty will be the money band
with 40M coming in a close second. As it gets dark (and it gets REALLY dark
out there),  it'll be 40M and 80M. We'll have two antennas so we can switch
bands quickly.

Pictures from last year's setup (single op) if you care :

Check out the web page for the route, times, and suggested frequencies.
There are some rare counties in this mix and we'll be running hard for
the deserving. Looking forward to the challenge.

dink, n7wa

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