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Sun May 7 19:59:07 EDT 2017

my standard way is to use a bc453 with a crystal attached to the antenna
terminal, in the pass band of the receiver. if you have an ft241 455 kc
crystal and a 455 kc if that is, or any numbers that work. see attachment
from ARRL 160 contest article results last year. (the 455 crystal is in
back before the bc 453 in this picture).

what kind of tubes does an ic 718 use? does it have an IF output?

is it big enough to hurt me if it fell on my foot? (most good radios
will...........SX71, SX28 etc)

mike w7dra

On Sun, 7 May 2017 17:12:25 -0500 Joe <nss at mwt.net> writes:
> Hi All,
> Looking for thoughts, comments, suggestions, etc.
> Club has for Field Day a IC-718, That already has the 1.8 Khz SSB 
> Narrow 
> filter in it. It needed it badly. Especially during Field Day.
> Sadly it only has the one extra filter slot, so a narrow CW filter 
> is 
> not an option unless we toss out the 1.8 Khz SSB one. And Me more or 
> less being the ONLY CW op,  well.....
> So I am looking for help with external filtering.
> Either software with a computer,  or via a stand alone external 
> unit.
> What's out there? and what works well?
> I remember with my Drake TR-4 as a beginner in the 70's getting one 
> of 
> those terrible MFJ CW filters. Where the wide setting was like what 
> 180 
> Hz? And down to like 50 Hz, as a beginner I thought WOW! awesome!
> Got it and the ringing was sooo bad, that this thing was like almost 
> not 
> use-able. I chocked the advertisement into the class of another 
> purchase 
> I made without knowing any better the awesome Gotham V160 Vertical! 
> A 
> chunk of AL tubing that the shipping cost more than the "Vertical" 
> And 
> the Vertical was just  AL Tube and a Big B&W Coil. so it would work 
> on 
> the lower bands, he he he.
> Anyway what's good out there now as far as CW filtering goes?
> Joe WB9SBD
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