[CQ-Contest] What is Multi to you?

Joe nss at mwt.net
Sun May 14 17:55:09 EDT 2017

On 5/12/2017 8:27 AM, Gerry Hull wrote:
> Great ideas, Stan.
> The Rookie overlay is a great motivator.   Young/New contest ops don't need
> "baby" contests where there's no real competition or participation.  They
> want to be real competitors in real events.   Overlays give them something
> to shoot for as they grow in skill.
> 73, Gerry W1VE
I beg to differ,
How many here remember the old Novice Roundup!?

Not the Crap Rookie Roundup, that exists now. But the Old Novice Roundup?

That was an awesome contest, and the way it was laid out everyone had 
the chance to get the full allotted operating time in too.  To win in 
that one you fought in your own state against at least a dozen others in 
your own state, that bothered to even send in a log. And to win in your 
state ya had to make 400+ contacts too.

The new newbie contest abomination, "Rookie Roundup" is soo ill 
concieved, that no one even wants to play in it!

Even in the SSB mode,  there are a dozen states that if you made just 1 
contact and sent in your log you had 1st place in your state! You are 
the ONLY entry in your state!

They should have brought the Novice Roundup back exactly the same as it 
was before but now add the new modes that they can do. And work everyone 
on every mode and band too. to encourage multi mode operating and bands too.

ALSO like before allow non Novices to play in the contest, and as before 
where they can ONLY work novices, BUT......  give them a class in the 
contest too where they are competing against all the other Non Novices 
too! So they also have a dog in this race too.

Now that would be fun!


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