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Hi, Bill,

You will need the 6700 to do so2r with one radio… You cannot receive on the 6500 while transmitting. I made that mistake and bought the 6500. It was ok for awhile because I was single band. Now I plan to be so2r and I had to trade in my 6500 for the 6700. (By the way, I’m not sure you would gain much if you have the K3S version.) 

Good luck,

Chuck W5PR

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At the hamfest last weekend I had some extra time Sunday and wandered over to the Flex radio site. and had a long sit down with one of the reps.  I did a hands on with the 6500  and was truly impressed, especially with how "easy" it was on the ears.

I currently have a pair of K-3s for SO2R and have kicked around replacing these with the 6500.  I know K9CT as well as a couple others who use the Flex stuff.  I really would like to hear from them and others about these radios and how they compare to the K-3s in a contesting and Dxing situation...ease of use, operator friendly, audio quality for listening as well as transmit etc.  Any comments would be greatly appreciated.


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