[CQ-Contest] Summary of Software and Transceivers used by WRTC teams

Bob Wilson, N6TV n6tv at arrl.net
Mon Aug 6 02:45:03 EDT 2018

>From published sources, I've combined into an online spreadsheet the final
score for each WRTC Team, including the logging software and equipment
used, plus a column for each on-site referee.

You may view this online as a Google Spreadsheet, here:

https://bit.ly/WRTC2018Results  (link is case-sensitive)

Click the Tabs at the bottom of the page to display the summary by software
and radio model.  Win-Test just edged out N1MM Software among the WRTC
teams.  The Elecraft K3 was the most popular radio model by a wide margin,
followed by Icom, Kenwood, and Flex.

You may use the *File | Download As ...* menu to save you own copy of the
spreadsheet in various formats (Excel, PDF, comma-delimited, etc.).

Links to far more detailed Excel spreadsheets that include band breakdowns
and accuracy reports may be found here:


I find it interesting that the top four teams all used the same logging
software (Win-Test), but none used Elecraft.  The top four all selected
200W radios (save for one TS-850).  Given that each team was strictly
limited to 100W max, I'm left wondering if the 200W radios provided more
"average talk power" on phone, perhaps giving them a slight advantage on
that mode?  It's not a clear conclusion one can draw from the numbers, but
a curious result.

Bob, N6TV

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