[CQ-Contest] It's time for an Assisted category in NAQP

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Regardless of SO2R or station size, a bigger difference in the January scores comes from propagation. It's hard to beat the high-band (or even 40m) skip zone in January if you live in the east or midwest.


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 Subject: Re: [CQ-Contest] It's time for an Assisted category in NAQP
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 Not only that. For years the
 powers to be have been saying that having 
 everyone run low power levels the playing
 field. Sorry but that's not 
 true. In
 the January NAQP SSB I ran high power to prove a point. I
 860 QSO's in about 9 hours. The
 top SOLP score made 1525 QSO's.  BTW I 
 didn't submit my log. The playing field
 isn't level because the majority 
 of the
 top scores operate from bigger stations and they do SO2R,
 probably dual CQing on two different bands.
 Is that fair that someone 
 with a smaller
 station has to be grouped into the same category? I wish 
 more contest sponsors would have a
 tribander/wires category like they do 
 some of the CQ contests.
 On 8/7/2018 09:48 AM, N4ZR wrote:
 > Judging by the commentary recently on
 various reflectors (and my own 
 experience last weekend), it is time for NAQP to institute
 an Assisted 
 > category, rather than
 lumping all one-transmitter assisted stations 
 > into Multi-2.  The M-2 class's band
 change rule makes zero sense for 
 > one
 transmitter assisted - I'll be losing credit for some
 QSOs because 
 > it never occurred to me
 that it would cover a single-transmitter 
 > competitor.
 > ARRL 160 CW and ARRL 10M contests got rid
 of this anachronism a few 
 > years ago -
 it's time for NAQP to follow suit.  I don't know
 > decides such things, but trust
 that Chris will know who needs to take 
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