[CQ-Contest] It's time for an Assisted category in NAQP

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 Something else that merits a look is a way to make it practical for multiops to spend some time on dead bands, i.e. 10 meters. 

This past weekend there was a small amount of Es floating around, but presently the top 15 multiop scores on 3830 have a total of 19 ten meter QSOs, 11 of them by K5RM.

As a single op I'd like to have a multiop be willing to QSY for a needed mult, something the present 10 minute rule pretty much eliminates. 

I do agree that some limitations are needed to keep two transmitters from becoming three or four or five or six. But there must be some middle ground that would let multis help provide some activity on such "dead" bands.

73  -  Jim  K8MR


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Sounds more like the Multi rule needs changing to allow for single seat
multiple operator SO2R operation. Such operations are a great way to have
SO2R training sessions with developing contesters. Then one person can
choose to be a multi and work assisted if they wish.

73 jeff wk6i

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> Judging by the commentary recently on various reflectors (and my own
> experience last weekend), it is time for NAQP to institute an Assisted
> category, rather than lumping all one-transmitter assisted stations into
> Multi-2.  The M-2 class's band change rule makes zero sense for one
> transmitter assisted - I'll be losing credit for some QSOs because it never
> occurred to me that it would cover a single-transmitter competitor.
> ARRL 160 CW and ARRL 10M contests got rid of this anachronism a few years
> ago - it's time for NAQP to follow suit.  I don't know who decides such
> things, but trust that Chris will know who needs to take action.
> --
> 73, Pete N4ZR

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