[CQ-Contest] WAEDC Rules error?

Gerry Hull gerry at yccc.org
Thu Aug 9 14:41:43 EDT 2018

 My European friends,
6 Multiplier

For non-European stations the multiplier is the number of countries defined
in the WAE Country List (see below) worked per band.

For European stations every non-European DXCC entity counts as a multiplier.

*Exception*: In the following countries up to ten numerical call areas
count as multipliers:
W, VE, VK, ZL, ZS, JA, PY and RA8/RA9 and RAØ – without respect to their
geographical location.

Examples: W1, K1, KA1 and K3../1 count as W1;
VE1, VO1 und VY1 count as VE1;
JR4, 7M4 und 7K4 count as JA4;
ZL2 and ZL6 are two different multipliers.

*Multiplier bonus:* Country multiplier points are "weighted" by band.
Multiply the number of countries worked on 3.5 MHz by four, on 7 MHz by
three, and on 14/21/28 MHz by two. The total multiplier is the sum of the
weighted multiplier points of all bands.

VE4EA, VE4JBB and I were/are going to put forth an effort from VY1AAA -- in

Surely VY1 does not count as VE1 -- this is a typo and should be VY2 (PEI)
should count as VE1??

73, Gerry VE1RM/W1VE

Trustee, VY1AAA

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