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Fri Aug 10 16:21:05 EDT 2018

>One geography-related thing I have wondered about as regards usage of loggers is

>whether the keyboard shortcuts conflict with different keyboard layouts around the world.

I can't remember exactly what, it had to do with SO2R (stereo or left/right audio or something), but there is an N1MMLogger keystroke that requires both hands (AltGr + something else or so?) on my Belgian style AZERTY, as opposed to one finger on a US kbd.

I looked it up: back quote [  `  ] uses AltGr on my style of keyboard. So it needs either two hands or two fingers so it's not something you quickly use in a contest.

There are probably a few more combinations or keys that were carefully chosen to make sense on a US layout but are a bit uncomfortable for a contest logger on my AZERTY.

Backslash   \   is another one. Needs both hands  -or-  pink and index on one hand stretched apart as far as the joints allow. Not easy if you want to use that often.

This has never stopped me from using N1MMLogger. I have always found a workaround. The use of macros under an F-key did the trick for me. I also used AutoHotKey for a while before I RTFM on macros.

The occasional US guest op here is advised to bring his own native US keyboard...

This site gives you an idea what other keyboards look like:



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