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Ben Coleman NJ8J nj8j at benshome.net
Fri Aug 17 02:01:06 EDT 2018

On 8/16/2018 3:43 PM, Holger Hannemann wrote:
> The biggest assistance one can get in a contest are DX cluster spots! The
> moment you got spotted you've got assistance, period!
OTOH, for us pop-gun (or, as I call it, Bedsprings Brigade (as in
compared to the tower-and-beam crowd, we might as well be loading up old
metal bedsprings)) stations, there's not much advantage to the spotting
network.  We typically can't run much, so we're primarily S&P.  And when
 a station we're trying to work is spotted, it makes working them a lot
harder.  We're better off trying to tune in new stations by ourself (in
hopes of catching them before they're spotted) than to hunt spots where
there's likely to be more competition than we can handle.

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