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Hi Jeff:

I think SO2R is fundamentally different from using RBN/spotting networks/skimmers because, in one case, one operator is performing the functions and in the second it is either other operators or computer programs/robots.

Some contests are already prohibiting dual CQs on the same band....


Mark, KD4D

> On August 17, 2018 at 11:36 AM Jeff Clarke <ku8e at ku8e.com> wrote:
> I've never understood the reasoning by contest sponsors that you are 
> only considered to be running one transmitter if you are doing SO2R. 
> Most of the serious SO2R guys are running on two bands at the same time 
> so they are occupying two frequencies. They might be not transmitting on 
> both of these frequencies simultaneously, which is a loophole in the 
> rules for them to be considered to be the same as a single-operator 
> using one radio. Plus they vigorously defend both of their frequencies 
> and won't hesitate to chase you off if you try to grab one of their 
> frequencies when they are transmitting on their 2nd radio. Then the 
> contest sponsor will group you all into one single-operator class which 
> really isn't fair. The rules should really state the number of radios 
> you are using not the number of transmitted signals you have to classify 
> you.
> The truth is that no one using one radio can come close to competing 
> with someone doing SO2R. I'm not saying that SO2R should be banned. What 
> I would like to see is maybe an unlimited class where you can use 
> spotting networks, skimmer and also do SO2R. Then have an other class 
> which is more like the traditional single-operator. One radio and one 
> band at a time. Remember years ago when operating strategy was 
> important? What band should I be transmitting on to maximize my score or 
> should I stop running and QSY to some other band to find multipliers? 
> All this assistance that's available with today's technology and being 
> able to run on more band at a time has thrown that strategy out the window.
> I remember years ago a famous contester we all know wrote an article in 
> NCJ that stated Multi-Multi should be banned. I think the goal of the 
> article was to provoke some thought s because the guys in these 
> categories always had the prime frequencies on every band and maybe that 
> wasn't fair. I would sure like to see some thoughts about my perspective 
> on SO2R.
> Jeff
> On 8/17/2018 09:33 AM, Yuri wrote:
> > I think the definition of the category should be really based only on a number of operators and number of transmitted signals at a time.
> > Single OP or Multi Op (different numbers of TX's). That's it.
> > If a single Op can do what a bunch of people together can't - why should he be handicapped?
> > If he can utilize all of the technology and all by himself (without physical help of other people) - why should we call him assisted? Only because a bunch of "ordinary" people can't do the same?
> >
> > Of someone is using OCF dipole instead of monoband Yagi, or if someone doesn't have Internet in the shack - that's his own choice. Everyone else doesn't have to "downgrade" because of that.
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> > Yuri VE3DZ
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> > Assisted is really not assisted - 2BSIQ Two Band Synchronised interleaved QSOs have left the assisted operator in its dust...
> > It is really time to reconsider whether Assisted is truly an advantage anymore and deserving of its own category...
> > Assisted by my definition is the sourcing of callsign, band and frequency information from any source other than your radio system.
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> > Ken,
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> > Is remembering a well-known callsign assisted?
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