[CQ-Contest] CWOpen team

ktfrog007 at aol.com ktfrog007 at aol.com
Sun Aug 26 09:52:23 EDT 2018


John, N8FYL, and I are forming a team for the upcoming CWOpen contest on Saturday, September 1.  This is on the USA Labor Day weekend. 

The rules are at


The team name is "CW for the People" and are looking for a few more members.  There are six of ten team positions still open.  

Anyone, anywhere in the world and take part and join the team if you wish.  You don't have to be a member of CWops.  

There are no team requirements and you may operate any way you want to in accordance with the contest rules.  

The current members are N8FYL, WN4AFP, K8RO and AB1J.

There are three sessions.  Some of us have limited time and the original plan was to concentrate on the 2nd session:  1200z-1559z

We will still do this because of our weekend schedules, but team members can operate in any or all sessions and your session scores will be added to the team's total.  

Team scores are determined by combining all three sessions together for one score per team

You will also be ranked individually for each session you enter.

If you would like to join, please let me know by Thursday, August 30.


Ken, AB1J 

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