[CQ-Contest] 160 QRN

Jim George n3bb at mindspring.com
Sun Dec 2 11:40:23 EST 2018

We had those conditions Friday night. Talking with K5NA, both of us cut the 
operation short at that time. It was impossible to hear anything but very 
loud signals. Richard said the conditions early Friday were tolerable until 
propagation opened up between here and a storm system to the SE of here in 
Austin. By Saturday morning early, things were much better and stayed good 
the rest of the weekend.

73, Jim N3BB

At 08:07 PM 12/1/2018 -0600, K9MA wrote:
>If any of you are wondering why we in the central US seem particularly 
>deaf this weekend, it's because of the terrific QRN from a huge storm 
>system. Friday night it was centered over Oklahoma, and tonight (Sat.) it 
>is over central Illinois. It is moving very slowly to the east, so I doubt 
>things will improve much before sunrise.
>Scott K9MA
>Scott  K9MA
>k9ma at sdellington.us

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