[CQ-Contest] 160M 'Tests from W6

Jeff Clarke ku8e at ku8e.com
Mon Dec 3 10:24:38 EST 2018


It doesn't make sense for someone in the northeast to listen for the 
west coast until Europe is gone. Why would you give up 5 point QSO's and 
a chance to work a bunch of multipliers to focus on listening out west?  
I guess I could be considered being on the east coast here is GA but our 
propagation is nothing like it is from New England to Europe. (Unless 
you make your own like W8JI :) ) I even get beat out by EU stations 
calling stations in New England all the time.

Everyone has their advantages/disadvantages in every contest. For the 
ARRL 160 Contest the northeastern USA has the advantage. If propagation 
was good next weekend in the ARRL 10 meter contest you would have an 
advantage out west. The way I approach it is I get on and run some rate, 
maybe work a few DX stations and when it gets boring I quit.

Happy Holidays,  Jeff

On 12/2/2018 08:53 PM, Art Boyars wrote:
> " It's a big part of why I consider ARRL 160 and CW 160 a bad joke from
> W6. "
> So work SS instead.
> Or PAcific/Asian contests.
> Or move.
> 73, Art K3KU
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