[CQ-Contest] WSJT-X and contesting.

Peter Sundberg sm2cew at telia.com
Tue Dec 4 17:25:42 EST 2018

Fully agree with Paul.

Furthermore, K1JT say's the following about the FT8 software that 
apparently will compete from now on in the same contest category as RTTY:

"Foxes can transmit up to five signals simultaneously, thereby 
allowing QSO rates up to about 500 per hour in ideal conditions"

Most likely without interventions from the operator if you want it that way.

I can not understand why this FT8 concept needs to be nested into 
already existing contests?

Invent your own contests for FT8 if your desire is to let the 
computer to do all the work. And show us how much fun this is. CQ WW 
FT8 and FT8 RoundUp here we come! Let it be known to us how you can 
even win a contest from California when running the blessed FT8.

Break new ground, by all means. But don't mess with contests that 
already exist by adding a totally different concept to them without 
any considerations what the effect of this might be.

BTW, it's sickening to see that Youtube video and call it ham radio.

Peter SM2CEW

At 08:30 2018-12-04, Paul O'Kane wrote:
>On 04/12/2018 00:50, VA3VF wrote:
>>Outside of contests, I'm 100% FT8 these days.
>>I have been using the mode from day 1, making on-air contacts with 
>>the developers with a freshly compiled version of WSJT-X when it 
>>first went 'live'.
>>I won't go into details about how the mode works, but the 
>>'mainstream' idea that FT8 takes the ham out of hamradio, it's 
>>fully automated, requires no skill, etc. is bovine scatology.
>Here's an example of fully-automated FT8 in operation - it is both simple
>and effective.
>It demonstrates that most of VA3VF'a assertions are "bovine scatology".
>Regardless of previous "good intentions" by developers, this is how FT8
>will be used by DXpeditions.
>Welcome to automated contesting, DXing and DXCC.
>Paul EI5DI
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