[CQ-Contest] New SO2R trick?

Ron Notarius W3WN wn3vaw at verizon.net
Thu Dec 6 10:49:05 EST 2018

Maybe the op just wanted to be sure you were copying it correctly,
especially if it was in the wee hours for him (or her) and fatigue was
setting in?

Or maybe the op just hit a function key or keystroke twice, resulting in the
macro sending the call twice?

73, ron w3wn

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My "fresh meat" Saturday night operation in ARRL 160M Contest can yield
some nice runs from Big Guns (and mid-Atlantic locals).

Last Saturday night 1045Z a Big Gun in northeastern North America answered
my CQ, sending his call twice.  That was unusual.  I wondered if I was
particularly weak at his station (not likely), and maybe he thought I would
need the QSX to get his call.

But now I'm wondering: Could he have been creating a couple of extra
seconds on transmit so that he could finish copying something (a call
sign?) on the other radio?

Are SO2R op's adding this trick to their skill set?

73, Art K3KU

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