[CQ-Contest] New SO2R trick?

Tom Frenaye frenaye at pcnet.com
Fri Dec 7 13:05:59 EST 2018

Hi Art -

I think rather than this being an SO2R "trick" or some other evil, it is most likely by someone 
who realizes that the first thing that happens after "fresh meat" shows up in band maps, a whole bunch 
of people will call in, all on the same frequency and within 50 hz of each other, making it difficult for the
receiving station (you in this case) to pick out a callsign.

One way for the smart operator to deal with this is to move of or down 50-100 hz and call slightly off
frequency.  Another is to call a second time since 80% or more people call just once.

The first method tends to let the receiving station have a better rate if a few stations are calling off frequency.
The second method prolongs the pileup but can be just as effective for the calling station.
I have used both.

No need to blame SO2R, 2BSIQ, FT8 or any other perceived alien lifestyles.

     -- Tom

At 11:24 AM 12/5/2018, Art Boyars wrote:
>My "fresh meat" Saturday night operation in ARRL 160M Contest can yield
>some nice runs from Big Guns (and mid-Atlantic locals).
>Last Saturday night 1045Z a Big Gun in northeastern North America answered
>my CQ, sending his call twice.  That was unusual.  I wondered if I was
>particularly weak at his station (not likely), and maybe he thought I would
>need the QSX to get his call.
>But now I'm wondering: Could he have been creating a couple of extra
>seconds on transmit so that he could finish copying something (a call
>sign?) on the other radio?
>Are SO2R op's adding this trick to their skill set?

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