[CQ-Contest] Boat-racing and contesting

info at bokverket.com info at bokverket.com
Sat Dec 8 17:14:12 EST 2018

I tried to see if anybody in the great simile contest had made the following point but in vain. So I take the liberty to post my 2 c worth:

The great thing about contesting "races" is that rowboats, sailing-boats and motorboats of various sizes  (think the ocean-races, that's M/M's  😊 )  can participate in the same races.  We also instituted the classic mode to accomodate the invention of skimmers and previously the clusters Also, with declining numbers, the serious participants of all these classes are VERY thankful for the fishermen, leisurely sitting in a rowboat with a rod, who see a  boat flying by and decide to hail it.

So maybe there is hope for boat racing, excuse me, contesting.

Kindest regards,

Göran Fagerström
SM0DRD,  Stockholm, Sweden

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