[CQ-Contest] Alert! The Stew Perry TopBand DX Challenge Approaches

Lew Sayre w7ew at arrl.net
Wed Dec 12 23:16:45 EST 2018

Attention 160M Spectrum Selectors, Spankers and Celebrities,
     The Boring Amateur Radio Club is reminding  you to reserve Dec. 29/30
to operate in the 23rd Stew Perry TopBand DX Challenge. That is just a shade
over 2 weeks from now. There is no other CW contest quite like The Big
So you should browse on over to  http://www.kkn.net/stew/       and  see
makes it so unique.
     One of the unique features of The Stew is that the contesters decide
amazing feats of RF manipulation is deserving of immortality by way of a
plaque. The Boring Amateur Radio Club does not decide upon the categories
to be honored- you do. Listed below are the Radio Stalwarts who have
a specific category and backed that up with a paltry $65 for plaque
You can join this auspicious group. Send your category to my email address
at the bottom of this email along with the particulars.

KL7RA        Top # QSOs, S/O
EI2CN          W/K/N/VE/XE station with most QSOs with EI/British Isles
N9TF            Top Score QRP, from RF deprived Grids EN00 through EN79
N9TF            Top # Grids NA,S/O,QRP non-resonant antenna <40' above
N9TF             Top Score USA,S/O,L/P-multi trap vertical, non-resonant on
  160M        no matching device for 160 on or at antenna, tuner in shack
UX1UA           Top # SA + NA QSOs by Zone 16 Station
UX1UA            Top # QSOs with Zone 16 by NA Station
K7CA               Top Score Zone 22
K7CA              Top Score Zone 24

W2GD Team    Top # QSOs wid NA/SA by EU Station
KH6LC            Top Score From VK or ZL

K1EP               Top Score by Op 21 y/o or less

K2PO                Top Score, S/O, Low Power, Zone 3

K5WA               Top # Grids using minimally directional antennas-
      (random wire, inverted V or Loop, etc.)
K5WA                 Top # Grids 100 watts or less

N7GP                  Top # NA Grids worked from Zone 25

VE9AA                Top Score 100w Mobile- (vehicle,radio, antenna all
      capable of actual highway travel. No need to sign /M)

WA6CDR             N5IA Memorial- Top # Grids Worked
NQ6N                   Highest score by Station working other Stations
        who are running 100 watts or less

EI4HQ                   Top Score, S/O, QRP

VK6VZ       A Flying Doctors of VK Baseball cap for Top Score- Northern
Hemisphere  Station working Southern Hemisphere Stations.

     This year we ask the Stew combatants to please send in their log
promptly. even if you eked out only 3 QSOs. Stations would have won
plaques if they had participated in not only the contest, but also the
log submission process. You know the computer does all the hard stuff,
     The 2017 plaques will go out tomorrow barring natural or unnatural
disasters. Congratulations to the winners! Remember to thank the sponsors
like the gentlemen/gentlewoman/unspecified beings of 160M you are. If you
have sponsored a plaque please remember to remit the funds if you haven't
done so already for 2018.
     So plan on putting away the FT8 for a night and brush up on your CW
language skills during Dec. 29/30. This is good, clean RF fun.
73 and I remain,
Lew    w7ew
The Boring Amateur Radio Club Committee on Alerting
w7ew at arrl.net

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