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Have done all that, but forgot one important detail.  I"m using a MK2R+ which does the audio routing.  Both instances load with the correct configuration, but .. still 

1)  Both Digital windows decode signals from Radio 1
2)  There is no PTT to Radio 2

Even more mysterious, this happens, I still have decode on Window1 even if I turn the USB router software for the MK2R+ off.  I *thought* the router was required for any audio passthrough.

Steve KL7SB

On Sat, 15 Dec 2018 17:32:27 -0500, Richard Ferch  wrote:


Don't try to *install* MMTTY twice. Install it once, then create a new
folder somewhere and *copy* the mmtty.exe, mmtty.ini and userparms.ini
files into the new folder (also any extfsk files, if you use any of those).
If you want to run the second copy stand-alone, you might want to copy the
other files from the first MMTTY program folder into the second folder, and
create a second desktop shortcut, but this is not necessary if you always
run MMTTY from inside a logging program. Configure your logging software to
point to the first copy for Radio 1 and the second copy for Radio 2.

Rich VE3KI
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